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Istituto Scienze della Terra - SUPSI

Getting started


To perform this lab you are required to have:
  • GIS GRASS (version 6.3.0 or above)
  • r.tsunami, r.hazard.class, v.db.calc, r.sun.mean, v.sample.class, v.pv, : GRASS adds-on
  • Demo dataset including:
    1. Digital terrain Model (raster map)
    2. Digital surface model (raster map)
    3. Landuse (raster map)
    4. Buildings (vector map)

Get the software and data

  1. Download the slaxGIS OSGeo2008 special edition (
  2. Install the portable USB key bootable disk following the general slaxGIS installation procedure (

Setup the GRASS working areas

  1. Create your mapsets "tsunami" and "solar" under the location "Italy" in the GIS data directory "grassdb"


  1. Launch GRASS in the mapset "tsunami" for the tsunami risk assessment tutorial or "solar" for the photovoltaic installation planning tutorial


A special thanks to Marco Negretti and Eugenio Realini, authors of the SlaxGIS "OSGeo2008 special edition"
The authors thank Regione Autonoma della Sardegna for having kindly provided the data for this lab.