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Istituto Scienze della Terra - SUPSI

Hydro Portal - Portale idrologico

"Portale idrologico" (Hydrological portal) is a web application built on OGC services: WMS (Web Mapping Service), SOS (Sensor Observation Service) and WPS (Web Processing Service). This application show hydrological data gathered from the "Pluvio-Hydrological Sensor Network" of Cantone Ticino (Switzerland) and owned by the Institute of Earth Sciences (SUPSI) and the "Ufficio dei corsi d'acqua" ( Office watercourses - of Cantone Ticino).

Visible here

Main features

  • Dynamic map: navigation enabled, time instant data visualization and feature of interest quering
  • Sensors technical information discovery
  • Sensor observation query with many filters capabilities


Il "Portale Idrologico - IST" si appoggia sulle più avanzate tecnologie OpenSource legate al Web 2.0 dell'anno 2009


- ExtJS for user WEB
- OpenLayers Web-Mapping
- GeoExt integration between OpenLayers e ExtJs
- Firebug JavaScript debugger for Firefox
- FamFamFam Silk icons


- GeoServer (Web Mapping Service)
- pyWPS (Web Processing Service)
- istSOS (Sensor Observation Service)
- GeoShield (OGC Security Service)
- PostgreSQL +PostGIS (Database)